6 February 2011

Pink Sunday

Recently I've discovered Pinterest, have you? If you haven't been for a browse you should really go, once you've finished reading this obviously! Pinterest is a wonderful place full of beautiful images, like really great things from fashion to hairstyles, from good looking food to wonderful interiors. What is there not to love? So this weeks Pink Sunday is a bundle of goodies from my Pink board.

This is like my perfect bathroom! Pink bath, pink towel and a few cheeky comics.

I've died and gone to shoe heaven.

And finally Marta Stewart's pastel layered cake.

If you are like me and sometimes need something cute and pink to put a smile on your face, check out my Pink board on Pinterest by clicking here. Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. oh god, I love this! and I'd been trying to force myself to grow out of pink!


  2. Oh no, don't grow out of pink! xx

  3. wow thise pink shoes are amaze! I want a pink bath! xx

  4. Pink baths are so cute! xx