13 February 2011

Pink Sunday - Valentines Special

Now I'm not up for Valentines day, even though I'm in a lovely relationship I do not need to be told when to be romantic! However, I love pink, red and hearts, so any excuse to bust out the cheesy hearts and I am there! So here's some gorgeous pink and heart themed goodies.

These measuring spoons from Velvet Store.

More goodies from Velvet Store get them here.

 And another from Velvet Store, this amazingly regal cushion.

And on that pretty pink note I am off work for the week to spend the week with my fella and my camera. I will tweet some pictures of me having fun by the sea (totally weather dependant, I will be in Scotland after all).


  1. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with eggs. Love then when I'm in an egg mood, hate a soft white... (my grandad's 3 minute eggs put me off boiled eggs for 15 years. No joke). But even I would have to love the heart shaped 'fried eggs of love'!


  2. Eek! That would be enough to put me off eggs for life!!! The boy and I did have our heart shaped eggs on toast and they were pretty and tasty :)