9 September 2012

Holiday Time

I was lucky enough to escape from the city last week and visit my parents in their sleepy village in Lincolnshire. I travelled first class (thanks papa bear), and got rather squiffy for free on my way home
I visited papa's new place of work
Realised the the fella who owns the air field my dad flies out of has so much money that he bought a Thunderbird 3, I obviously needed a photo with it...
 I managed to create a PERFECT victory roll (and proceeded to bounce around my parents house clapping)
Betted on all of the grey horses at Beverley Racecourse, only one of which won....
I managed to get some colour on my pasty legs - hoorah!
Made friends with Bella, the very excitable whippet over a fence
I've also developed a rather large obsession with Twin Atlantic...

And up on my return I had a moment of green fingered goodness by re-potting my herbs and what not

And then I changed my hair

All in all, a busy couple of weeks, but a very good couple of weeks. Anyway back to the real world!


  1. Looks like you had a fab time hun.Love your victory roll xx

  2. I love your new hair and I'm so jealous of your victory roll! Xx

  3. Thanks ladies! I found a really good tutorial, I'll do a blog about it so we can all perfect the victory roll ;) xx