4 September 2012

To buy or not to buy...

I love a ridiculous hair accessory, anyone remember the Topshop bunny ears?

Luckily I put them to good use at a friend's bunny party by adding the bow and dressing at Miffy.

It would appear that I have not learnt that animal ears are never used as often as I'd like as I spend a good few hours thinking about these lace kitten ears from River Island:

Someone please tell me repeatedly, you will not wear them, they are a waste of money. But then again, what if I want to dress up as a cat sometime... So to buy or not to buy? Answers on a postcard please.


  1. You never know when you'll need them.They look fab x

  2. Hahaha i love the bunny ears!! I think if you really want them then get them :)