25 September 2012

Winter Wooly Time

Winter is definitely here, although I don't know where autumn went, or summer for that matter... So I felt it was time to stock up on some woolies and whilst I'm usually a layers and cardigan girl I was swayed in H&M to buying the best jumper of all time! But the question that keeps puzzling me, what is the animal? A cat, mouse, grey fox, lady wolf?
 And the cosiest scarf I've ever had, honestly, it's like a blanket.
 And then I got a little distracted by animal ears on hats in Accessorize... I won't lie, I am very, very tempted by the earmuffs that I'm sporting in the photograph below, but they may be a little too ridiculous!


  1. I think it looks like a fox those earmuffs are amazing!!! Xx

    1. I'm thinking fox too :) the earmuffs are so good! It's like a furry headband <3

  2. Those earmuffs are amazing! I want them! I'd say the little critter on the jumper is a fox, too x

  3. Hi dear my friend, I saw your very very beautiful blog on my dear blogging firend Rachel's blog page.. Then I am here...:)))
    I like your earmuffs very cute..:))
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