9 September 2012

Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday is dedicated to the pink things I found on my recent trip home (see my post about it here). Firstly I found a pink wheelbarrow which sadly was not for sale, just a pretty piece of decoration at a garden centre. However, once I become a real grown up and have a garden, I will find a pink wheelbarrow.
I also had a really good rummage around the shop in the garden centre and found a whole heap of Liberty/Hello Kitty stationary, I obviously bought a ton of it.
I used my ASOS llama bag for the first time, which is disgraceful as I've had it for ages (I mean I blogged about it here) now...
And most importantly my mum put pink flowers in my room, she thinks of everything.
I hope you've all had a great weekend!


  1. Nice pics.I always put little pressies on the pillows in the spare room when friends are staying.And have flowers too. x

    1. Oh that's really cute, can't beat flowers in a bedroom :) x