20 March 2011

A Boots-tastic Day

I love Boots a little too much, I can spend hours in there browsing hair and make up and dreaming of all the pretty things that I could do.. I went a little mad yesterday but John Frieda has a wonderful range called Luxurious Volume, which I totally swear by to give my hair some body.

I did not realise that Boots stocked Models Own, honestly I almost passed out with joy! So after picking up 5 nail polishes, yes 5, I realised I was being a little hasty and settled on these beautiful colours, jade stone and sterling silver. I was far too excited about the two new colours so instead of calming down I just put both colours on my nails! I also managed to track down the Rimmel Matte Finish that my friend Beesley introduced me to the other week.

The Rimmel Matte Finish takes colours from the super shiny gloss like this:

To beautifully chalky and matte. I'm in love with it, all my nail polished will be matte from now on.


  1. Love the jade colour <3
    Ive only just discovered MO but my collection appears to be growing quite rapidly x

  2. Oh god, I've been putting off buying the Essie version for ages (bank account doesn't approve) but I'm buying this on lunch break tomorrow for def! xx

  3. Oooh I don't like to be a bad influence but do it, do it, do it! xx