31 March 2011

Neat Nails

These nails are so unbelievably stunning, I could cry! Inspired by Cath Kidston, these nails are so beautiful, I've got all of these colours but my hands are just not steady enough, does anyone else want to try for me?

I found this image on Pinterest but I can't find where it was originally from!


  1. Completely agree... stunning! The colours, floral pattern... Love it! :)

  2. ooo i wish these were by me! im waiting to receive my proper tools before i attempt this kind of intricacy! seriously if you want to see perfect cath kidston, head over to www.kawaiinailart.com and look through the archive - she is fantastic at the design - even better than this person! i LOVE your blog im so grateful that you tweeted at me because its loooovely - even though i can't claim this art! :D
    love, Em x

  3. Are you serious?! OMG I need this right now. I live quite near Wah nails so might try and force them to do this to me... Although I bet they'd refuse as it's too twee for them...I'm SUCH a twee fan.


  4. You should definitely ask them to do it!! I'd give it a go myself my I can barely do spots with my WAH nails pens!