1 March 2011

To Tattoo Or Not

I'm constantly umm-ing and ar-ing about getting a tattoo, I know that if I ever get married and had a tattoo I would panic about how it would look. However these cute birds are just so classy and sweet no?


  1. A wedding is one day and you'll be marrying someone who loves you, individually you and your face, your personality, your quirks, your tattoos. Who cares what anyone else thinks on that day as long as you and your husband are happy and in love?

  2. If your unsure get it somewhere that can be covered and make sure it means something.

    I only have a small one on my chest for my aunty who passed away. It's hidden most the time and it's a nice reminder of her.

    The birds do look pretty cool and they are small enough that most folk wouldn't nottice.

  3. *Ahem* Are we the same person?!?!? Been toying with the idea of a tattoo for the last 4 years with exactly the same premise: my wedding day. I really want a swallow on my wrist.

    I love those little birds, they just need to be done well incase they look like splodges!

    I say go for it! I'm saving up for mine as I figure you live once :)

    x x x x x

  4. Thanks everyone for the encouragement for the tattoos. I'm still a total wuss but these birds are too cute.

    Laura, were we separated at birth or something? Glee weddings, bird tattoos? Weird!


  5. I am getting those birds up my right arm at the end of March - come with me! Hepcat in Merchant City?!

    Me x

  6. Is that the one that looks like a 50s diner? I love that place! That is rather tempting..


  7. Do it! I think tattoos can look amazing with wedding gowns. Don't worry about tradition and what is expected.

    Found some beautiful pics of brides with tattoos on the internet!