7 March 2011

Hair-spiration Resolved!

How was everyone's weekend? I've had a great one, visiting my best friends in London! They booked us tickets to the Wam Bam Club at Cafe de Paris and with it being a burlesque night I thought I needed some help coming up with something new to do with my hair. Hair-spiration came from the lovely Kelly from Hair Advice And All Things Nice (see her post here) so the start of this post is a huge thank you to her! I tried out some victory rolls and here's how it turned out:

So back to the Wam Bam Club, I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! My highlight? These guys, Scales of the Unexpected made me laugh so much that I cried, amazing.


  1. It looks fab, really complicated too. No idea how you did it but well done!

    Carol x

  2. It was actually ok, I think it may have been a total fluke!


  3. You look so fit! That hairstyle is gorge xx