27 March 2011

A Day in the Life of a Birthday Girl

As some of my twitter followers will know it was my 25th birthday on Friday, or as I like to call it, 24th again... So here's what I got up to, I got up all blurry eyed to my mum and dad singing Happy Birthday at the top of their voices with these cupcakes, what beauts!

I totally demolished my pink presents, there's photographic proof in my previous post. Once I'd got myself together and made meself look presentable my parents, boyfriend and I headed over to The Blind Pig for afternoon tea with a twist. The intoxicating tea rooms serve cocktails instead of tea in the teapots, it was actual heaven!

How genius is this idea? Above the bar there are glasses hanging from lights by fishing wire, I spent ages just staring at the sparkling glass, love.

And proof of my shiny happy birthday face, and my dad's!

The guy in the background is just shaking a cocktail... but he looks mad.


  1. Happy birthday lovely girl! 25?! you're still a wee snippet!

    Hope you had bags of fun.


  2. haha yay that place looks like such fun!! xx

  3. Golly gee, everything looks too perfect to eat or drink! Sounds like a stellar birthday celebration, too :) glad you had a nice party!

  4. It really was so much fun! It's officially my favourite place in Glasgow! xxx