9 April 2011

FFAF-ing Brilliant!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to be a bit of an emo kid, who's have thought it...? Here's the proof. So one of my favourite bands of all time is Funeral For A Friend, they were pretty much the only band I listened to while I was at London Met. I always get pretty nervous when a band I love bring out a new album in case I don't like it, anyone else get that feeling? But the deluxe edition (yes I bought the fancy one because I am a geek) of Welcome Home Armageddon is just plain beautiful, both to listen to and to look at with illustrations by Rianne Rowlands who is a total genius! Lets face it, it's just really, bloody cool.

Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture.

Right, I'm done gushing over the band, what I actually wanted to blog about was that after remembering how much I love Funeral For A Friend, google also told me that the lead singer is a photographer, could Matthew Davies-Kreye be any fucking cooler? Wait, he is, he also self publishes his work in the form of a little zine called HATEFACE (get a copy here). 

Here's a few of my favourites from his blog:

All images all © 2010 Matthew Davies-Kreye

I'm pretty sure that once I get my copy of HATEFACE I'll be telling twitter how gorgeous it is so keep an eye of for tweets and pictures.


  1. Ah yes, I knew there was an album release I was looking forward to. Saw FFAF in 07, wasn't too impressed, despite owning (& loving) everything they've ever done. Be interesting to see how different they are at Download this year.

  2. Oh no really? I've seen them, ehm, lots... I'm mighty jealous that you are going to Download, enjoy! x