16 April 2011

Magpie-ing Marvelous

This week I discovered Cloth Magpie, have you heard of them?

Cloth Magpie was launched in 2009 and is the brain child of Sam Cross, and I've got to admit I'm in love. Sam has taken vintage fabrics and created a limited edition handbags that were inspired by vanity cases and old school glamour (the best type of glamour). All of the fabrics were printed in the UK and the bags completely made in the UK too so Cloth Magpie is proud to be British too! I've been staring at the Spring/Summer collection for hours trying to pick my favourites and it was so super, hard because I love them all! But here are the two I've settled on:

The Poppy Chain Bobble Kiss.

The Canteeni Trumpington Blue.

So do you all understand why I'm so in love with Cloth Magpie now?

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