24 April 2011

Wedding Excitement

I've not done a very good job at hiding my excitement for the Royal Wedding on Friday. I love the Royal Family and I did an awful lot of gushing and squealing when I read that William and Kate were getting married (yes I blogged the squealing here), I even love the cheesy engagement portrait of them. So even though I will be working on the day (yes I'm very upset about this) I will be making the most of the wedding day and having a wedding party in the evening. In preparation for a day in the office, I have bought this, sorry everyone I work with that don't like the Royal Family, but I don't care that much... 

I've also acquired an obscene amount of union jacks somehow...

I am currently finding it VERY hard to resist some of these beauties too:

For all my cupcake needs

Cute bunting

Love this bundle of goodies

Sweet mug

I'm pretty sure that I'll have purchased a few of these by the end of the week - sorry savings! I also promise to tweet some photos of my party too. Are you having a Royal Wedding party, or playing the Royal Wedding drinking game? Or maybe avoiding it (sad times) I'd love to hear what you've got planned too. AdiĆ³s for now!

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