20 April 2011

Me & You

So this is a very self involved post, sorry if it's boring but it's something I need to write. Recently, I've become aware of just how grateful I am to have my friends. I feel very lucky that I've had the opportunity to move around the country and meet so many wonderful people. I grew up in a country town in Somerset where I was surrounded by the kindest people ever, and we looked like this, yeh we were so cool...

Then when I left school, my dad needed to move to London, (well, Uxbridge really) and you would have thought he was telling me that we were moving to the moon! I hated the idea. Until I built a bridge and made some more friends I was so grateful to my parents for moving me! Although, looking back, this was a really weird time for me but I came out of it with one or two people I couldn't live without. Moving swiftly on to the best three years of my life (art school really is, if you get the chance GO!!), where I found beautiful people who would pull silly poses with me:

Dress like animals with me (I'm obviously the pink panther!):

And to stay up all night working, drink cider with breakfast and pull funny faces with:

And now I'm an English girl in Glasgow, where again, I seem to have met yet more wonderful people. People who are teaching me to understand Scots, that's right, it's a whole other language. They also have a soft spot for dressing up and being ridiculous:

If you've gotten this far down this very indulgent post then then thank you very much for reading it all. I felt I needed to write this post just to remind myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by beautiful and important people that feel like extended family. This extends out to all the lovelies on twitter too, I have lost count of the times I've had a bad day and consequently been swapped with happy tweets!

So lastly I just want to say a massive
thank you
to all of you beautiful friends, whether you are my best friends who have been by my side mentally and physically, or brand new friends. I love you all.



  1. Aw Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef. We pure love you hunners!

  2. You are my favourite!!!!!!xx

  3. Aw, so cute. Dude though - you were so EMO! Haha!

  4. Llara, I still am, I just hide it better! Xx