19 August 2011

Freakingly Fabulous Fringing

I'm slowly being convinced that fringing is fabulous... mostly because of two emails that I've received today. I'm pretty much in love with this jacket from Matches:

But it's so far out of my price range that I actually might go off and have a little cry, so this jacket from Topshop makes me feel an awful lot better:


  But am I really ready for all that fringing?

I'll ponder that question on my way to the cinema to see Glee 3D with Carol from My Stylisms and I honestly can not wait!


  1. Life would be better with the Topshop jacket, you know it would;) Buy it...the Mini Warbler says so.

    Caz x

  2. The mini Warbler can tell me to do things when he is mine! xx

  3. I just get concerned with fringing that I'll get caught/strung up in doors.
    Do love a bit of the fringe though. Maybe just not too much.


  4. I never thought about getting caught in doors! Oh dear... xx