13 August 2011

Vintage Roll Lust

So most of you probably know that I'm a little obsessed my my hair.. Ok, I admit it, I utterly obsessed! And after taking part in a feature on Hair Advice And All Things Nice called Salon Surgery I have been trying to perfect a perfect victory roll, see my first attempt here and my second, much better one:

But to continue my dreams of being able to perfect the victory roll I've found some good inspiration!

This is just gorgeous right? Even that shade of red is superb! Found here.

These original rolls are to die for! Luckily I found a tutorial with this image on the Aubrey London Pin Up blog, view the tutorial here.

And finally these over the top - but in such a good way - rolls! Sadly I only found them on Pinterest and I can't find where it's originally from. But I adore them nonetheless.

Have you had a go at victory rolls? I'd love to see how you've got on, or any good tutorials to improve mine. Happy rolling!

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