22 August 2011

My Hair Twin K. Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has totally stolen my hair style! Outrageous! To be fair though, it's really pretty and what I'd like my hair to look like - after all I did try to dye my hair this kind of blonde and it went grey (I trust you not to laugh too much... click here)

Here's my super blonde version, saved with a ton of Live Colour XXL Absolute Platinum and Stargazer's Tropical Green colour:


Totally copied from me, am I right? Who's your hair twin right now?
If anyone has any ideas of how I can darken my blonde locks please get in touch! Bleaching every three weeks is tiring.


  1. Ooh I like the green! My hair twin's totes Nicola Roberts just now!

  2. Oh I adore Nicola Roberts hair! That sounds like a good hair twin too xxx