18 August 2011

Getting Ready For Autumn

If you follow me on twitter you may have heard me banging on about starting to wear heels, being 5ft10 I always struggle to wear heels without feeling at best like a giant or at worst, a man in drag! But I decided that there is no point loving heels and owning heels if I'm not going to wear them, so this week I've managed to wear two pairs to work and purchase these bad boys:

Now these are rather large, and I don't know what to wear them with (everything?) but I adore them!


  1. Oh god, they're gorgeous. You'll look fab in them. Totally bang on for Autumn. xx

  2. Amazing right? I'm well over 6th with them on though! Xx

  3. Amazing! I wear heels aaaaaaall the time and merely dream about being your height. Stop being everything I want to be :p x

  4. They are gorgeous! I did look at them but too high a heel for me, I would just fall over. Outfit post with them?

    Caz xxx