7 August 2011

Wedding Outfit - Done

As promised, here is a quick update on my friends wedding. After all the pondering about what to wear, I finally found the perfect dress, well two in the end (see that post here) but in the end I went for green, it's summer after all! So I teamed it with my much loved Lulu Guinness lips clutch bag and Red Or Dead Maggie's from Schuh.

I also used this as a good excuse to bust out more of nude nails with glitter, on my ring fingers of course, I thought that was fitting for a wedding. I also wanted to give victory rolls again, sadly mine are still messy and need lots of practice:

So after the outfits were sorted I could not wait to get to the wedding to see the wedding dress, which I think you'll agree was STUNNING:

It was the most beautiful day back in my home town, which I didn't realise just how much I miss the West Country, I mean where else would you drink cider and eat Cornish pasties at a wedding?! Loved it!


  1. Sounds a perfect day to me! Cider and pasties yum.
    You look lovely, and the victory rolls are pretty good! They are difficult to do.


  2. good choice on the turquoise - looked lovely.x